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dubstep in 7/4.
where has this song been all my life?

getting some real slick tycho vibes from this, great work.

TsetsukenMusic responds:

This may be the first time I have made a song that can resemble a style from someone really awesome such as Tycho. Thank you! I didnt see it before but you might have given me my first influence for further songs. I really enjoy music like this/Tycho.

Drums are sick.
Production is near perfect.
Key changes every ten seconds are kinda distracting and make the song feel really fragmented like you've just spliced about fifteen songs into one.

The individual sections are stunningly beautiful, its just the way they have been stitched together takes a lot out of it.

Bosa responds:

Ha, this is quite an old song compared to my new stuff. Thank you for the review!

this really is wonderful. so calming yet so eerie, just the way I like it.
am I detecting a little BoC influence in there somewhere?

this is really great, especially by newgrounds standards. I'm not going to waste your time telling you all the bits that i like (because i would be here for a while)

for me in a few places the gate is a little tight by the smallest amount and i think the notes could resonate for just a fraction of a second more
theres a few places where the guitar sounds a little too choppy because of it like the riff at 00:16
the gate makes it less natural and flowy and makes it sound a little synthesised because of how it seems to cut off mid note.

but thats one tiny thing that i went into way too much depth with, the rest is fucking immaculate.

some really nice melodies going on here mate, and the vocal harmonies sound sick.
good production as always.. though thats barely even mentioning at this point :P

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Cheers mang! glad you dug!!

so much fucking CHUG

I'm flattered that you liked my track seven circles, but you really should have asked before you completely ripped it off. or at least listed my as inspiration for the track. its a pretty irregular chord progression, this can't have been an accident.

SoulSecure responds:

Lol what? Mate, this song was inspired by lounge music in general, it's what I talked to you about in PMs. You inspired me on finding a rhodes/wurlitzer VST, because I hadn't taken the initiative to find one before. This is a very average progression and I have a couple of unfinished (trash) songs that sound annoyingly similar.

Anyway, just had a listen at seven circles and it is totally the same exact same friggan chords. I did not consciously 'rip you off', but our songs do sound different in the end.

shit this is good, i loved the lead synth too the vocals sounded pretty good with the effects you put on it. the arrangement was good too, you built up a great anticipation to the drop and the drop itself had some pretty good riffs in it as well, for me the kick drum sounded a little weak and clicky but that could be fattened up with some eq and maybe just doubling the track up, and the drop itself was a little short for how good it was as well. all in all this was a good track and i wish i was this good when i was fourteen, hell i wish i was this good now haha
good work, definitely make more dubstep

can't beat 7/4 time it has so much more bounce than most other time sigs

Beartheshadows responds:

Agreed. I'm not too familiar with it, hence this song. I still love 4/4. It's so natural and 6/ has such a groove to it.

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