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hey man
good song its one i've find myself coming back to quite a few times now
its got a really nice pop punk feel to it
id like to hear an electric version of this but a part of me feels like it would take away the integrity of the song because it has a lot of character as an acoustic piece and you have quite a soft spoken voice and i think that contributes to the general acoustic niceness too
is that a second guitar i hear at about one minute in?
if this is recorded on a multitrack i'd put some compression on that and maybe turn the high end of the eq up because it kind of gets lost in the bass end of your rhythm guitar
i like the kind of half talking line at about three minutes inits very Jarvis cocker and thats hard to pull of without sounding like a dick and you've done it so well done haha

Karmakosm responds:

Wow. I appreciate the review a whole ton. Feel free to download it and see if you can spot the difference! I was considering an electronic version when I'm not just recording in my bedroom, but probably not for a while.

whats wrong with tuesdays?
and good song sounds like alice in chains meets some djentcore band

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Tuesdays and I, have a bad track record.
Cheers for the review, glad you dig it.

this is a good song dont know why its got such a low score... some people are just down voting pretentious assholes
if kurt cobain did this i would be at the top
i voted a five anyway

its a bit of a hollow victory right?
knowing people are only listening to your music because they have no choice
if your gonna vote yourself up at least have the decency to not vote others down
and in the words of my girlfriend "no way does a twenty six year old who spends his time voting others down on a website get laid"
start acting like an adult please
i have no problem with you, your music or the fact that you vote yourself up but voting other people down is low when your already voting yourself up
especially when your voting good music down
i dont understand why you would carry on cheating when you know we all know
dont you feel a bit of a dick?

i refuse to believe that you are anything other than a cheater, your music takes up the first sixteen slots on the front page for this genre despite the fact that all you seem to do is covers with moderately awful recording quality, i also believe you upvote yourself and downvote anybody in the top half of the front page that isn't you, i'm not condemning you i am just stating that its a coincidence but if i am right you have to stop because its unfair on everybody else.
your song isnt bad either btw

Stereocrisis responds:

Well, I don't down vote people. I give myself 5's. Sure. Who doesn't? A hollow victory, yes. I hope you can forgive my want to be heard. I don't have money to pay for production quality, let alone promotion.

love those chords, this song has a really nice feel to it, i think it could really benefit from a string section or something, there is some very nice guitaring in this, this is a good song, well done

Satoris responds:

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately I don't have many strings at my disposal and I'm not very good with audio programs. Hopefully I'll find an engineer soon because you're right, and I really want to use them.

realy good

like, realy realy good
and charles manson is actualy a legend



ShanZE responds:

Thank you, my loyal fan ;) :D And AIC surely f'n does KICK ASS! All of their albums are great, but the best one has got to be Facelift. God knows how much i love that album. My favourite song has to be sunshine, such an awesome song. Thanks again man!




if thats what you meant by joint

Promethicus responds:

thanks. yes i mean cannabis cigarette as well as a piece of music. its a double entendre

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