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my thoughts entirely
Facebook has basically taken what could have been the best thing to ever happen to gaming
and rubbed shit in its eyes

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really good game but a few grammatical errors.
"the mark(s) humans leave are too often scars"
"living on earth may be expensive, but it includes an (a) free trip around the sun every year"
other than that its really good

xyzzygames responds:

Thanks for proofreading for me. :)

fuck it, i didn't want to sleep tonight anyway

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dubstep in 7/4.
where has this song been all my life?

getting some real slick tycho vibes from this, great work.

TsetsukenMusic responds:

This may be the first time I have made a song that can resemble a style from someone really awesome such as Tycho. Thank you! I didnt see it before but you might have given me my first influence for further songs. I really enjoy music like this/Tycho.

Drums are sick.
Production is near perfect.
Key changes every ten seconds are kinda distracting and make the song feel really fragmented like you've just spliced about fifteen songs into one.

The individual sections are stunningly beautiful, its just the way they have been stitched together takes a lot out of it.

Bosa responds:

Ha, this is quite an old song compared to my new stuff. Thank you for the review!

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this is brilliant, its very expressive, its so chaotic and busy yet there is still a sense of supreme control, i can almost imagine it hulking and almost breathing.
this picture really does speak to me, the mix of industrial and organic, and the helpless factorisation feeling it gives off. its like an eerie glimpse into the future of our race. i was wondering if i could be cheeky and ask if i could maybe use this as a cover for my album? (non profit of course, its essentially just a playlist of my music on my page) because it matches it so well and id never forgive myself for not at least asking.

Ishnuala responds:

Sure, go ahead^_^Just hope you can put a link to this artwork. Also I'd love to see your album~

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