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i like the tone you have going on here, and also this song is definitely grunge. there is more to grunge than just nirvana -_- its got a funky alt rock l7 feel to it, because grunge music can be happy too...

demo? -_-
how much better do you want it?
and i dig,
sounds like something off bleach or you could slow it down and have a melvins track haha

the chord progression here is great i particularly enjoy the phrasing of the chords
im feeling a pixies or a toadies vibe from this as well and thats always a good sign
i wouldn't say its poppy its just a little too upbeat to be straight grunge id say its leaning towards alternate rather than grunge, who cares what genre it is, its a good song either way
five starts for saying giggedy

Gunshy responds:

*thumbs up* Thanks!

i'v never heard of chipstep in my life and thought it would be awful to be honest
but this is brilliant, its really upbeat and bouncy, and i dont find it repeative at all
the tempo change at 2:00 minutes is pretty rough but tempo changes can be a a nightmare i know
and the drum and bassy part afterwards is well worth it
this is really impressive

conorstrejcek responds:

Thanks for the review!

I just heard about chipstep for the first time a couple weeks ago, so I'm glad you like my take on it. I'll try to work on my tempo changes more in the future, I did it pretty quickly so hopefully I'll improve for next time.

Thanks again!

could use a better mix
the guitars sound a bit far away and dissonant
your vocals are pretty good but its hard to hear them properly
this song could be really really good with a better mix

holy shit that shredding
i like the synths you have going on in there as well its nice to hear a touch of something different in metal every once in a while
im not too keen on the synth string your using at 1:20 in they kind of lacked in quality compared to the rest of your mix, but thats nothing
some great guitar work here man

hi i love the black metal vocals you have going on and those pinch harmonics sound really good too
you also use my favourite chord in there as well in the intro so you get bonus points just for that haha
the instrument that comes in at 0:18 could use some effects on it i cant really tell if its a bass or a dry electric guitar, but either way it needs a bit of eq on it because it sounds a little rubbery and doesn't really sink well into the mix so i knocked half a star off for that but besides that the songs pretty flawless

some really great riffs here! and i love the tone you have going on
is there some vocals in this track at about a minute in, im not sure if im hearing things or not
very low in the mix if it is, i hope its not some kind of subliminal message haha
i fucking love that djent thing you have going on at about two minutes in
the melodic parts weren't to my taste but thats just my opinion, i like my metal to be virtually tuneless haha but thats just personal preference i never have been a big fan of melodic metal but i can appreciate that they were well executed
as of like two reviews ago iv decided im going to always try and find one thing that can be improved
just to be constructive so here it goes, i think your transitions into the ambient parts of the song were a bit stop and start it sounded like it had skipped track halfway through the song
anyway overall this is a great song! you get a five and a five from me :)

holy shit its been a while since iv heard your stuff
still one of my new grounds favourites
i love your harmonies and your guitaring honestly makes me jealous haha its like acoustic grunge metal
i can tell you have really got to know your voice a lot since more i last listened
you seem a lot more in control of it now like at one forty when you do that scream thing
i find it amazing how different your lows and highs are vocally it sounds like you have two singers
you have the whole layne and jerry thing going on
im really straining to find something you could improve
i guess the only thing i can think of is to sync your harmonies more because there not always in time

keep them coming please! :D

brilliant song
lyrics are top notch
sounds like a grunge version of system of a down
really loved those high.. whatever they were

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