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lets start a new chapter shall we?

2013-05-12 21:59:11 by jambrother2

or maybe we could burn the fucking book
tear out its pages and make a papier mache cock and balls out of it
this is my place to doodle and rant mindlessly and aimlessly
this is it
the be all and end all
or maybe just the start all
or maybe nothing
fuck if i know
but it feels like a new chapter
a new begining
i have seven fans right now
i couldnt be happier
i am an easily pleased person
every fan i gain i practically start dancing in the streets and screaming to the world
somebody likes me
somebody enjoys what i do
nothing makes me feel better than that
makes me feel wanted
makes me feel like i have some vague purpose
it means so much to me that people care what i do no matter how few
and by chapter i mean newgrounds page
my love for music has been revitalized
i want to share it with the world
i want to make people happy
i want people to listen and think yeah iv felt like that before
i want people to care
people read my posts now
(see what i said about easily pleased)
my lifes always been a bit of a mess and iv always felt useless and unwanted
its amazing how little it takes to make me feel so much better
so thankyou
im speaking like i'v won an award so i hope that doesnt make people think im some kind of uppity prick
im not
im just happy that people care
its a new feeling to me
and nobody has ever really cared for me or my music before
so thankyou to everybody
on a side note my new catchphrase (not that i had an old one)
but my slogan is officialy "am i cool yet?"
i think it sums up everything that is wrong with the world
that and greed
and religion
but thats a whole different story
and thats not a dig either
i believe in god
just not in religion
its an awful thing that makes people turn on each other
a lot like money
luckily i dont have religion or money on my side
but that doesnt stop people from turning against me
this is gettting a bit long
im treating this like a diary and i dont know if thats a good bad or indifferent thing
whatever il cut it short
to sum up
thanks for the support
expect alot more songs over the coming months years decades whatever
im agnostic
and rant to much


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