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2013-05-11 19:54:09 by jambrother2

im getting too old for this shit


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2013-05-11 20:26:24

18 is considered old now a days?

jambrother2 responds:

eighteen is twice divorced, midlife crisis with three kids times these days, yes
but thats not what i meant
im too old for childish drama
even if i was seven id be too old for it
but to prevent looking like an asshole i should keep my problems to myself
or write a song about it
you cant be an asshole about anything if you put it in a song


2013-05-14 06:03:27


jambrother2 responds:



2013-05-14 06:07:49

cyberdevil? as an id fan myself i have to ask you what you thought of rage so here it goes.. are you ready?
what did you think if rage?


2013-05-14 06:08:27

goddam of not if