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He's a hired propaganda monster. I wonder if he even believes half the bullshit he spews. haha.

thank god, this post has been up so long i was starting to think it was just me

Nope, you aren't the only only one. Ditto with atheism. Man wasn't created in god's image, god was created in mans' flawed image. ..Anyhoo..Don't go too far down the rabbit hole with Bill...he's for the sheeple. Not for people who can think for themselves. Either way, he can prove distracting. haha. Think of him as a mime, at the scene of an accident, that the authorities tell you isn't happening, because they don't think you can deal with it...so they throw a clown at you, for distraction. A clown with no words....

Anyways, now you are too far into my head....hahaha.

yeah, id love to tell you what i really think of theistic people but id probably get myself shunned from the site haha.
I've been looking through some christian pages on Facebook today and the shit these people come out with to defend their faith makes me sick, claiming the bible is a book of peace and its filled with love and they are always the first to say "have you actually read the bible?" unfortunately for them i have, and it is immoral in every way. misogynistic, racist, homophobic, slave driving, pro child abuse, closed minded and generally sickening. the way i see it is, if you're a christian you have either not read the bible with your eyes open or you are an immoral bigot.
and bill is one of the worst, i saw an interview with him and richard dawkins and he is trying to claim hitler was an atheist even though its a well known fact hitler was a christian, fucking hell even on the natzi uniform it says something about carrying out gods will.
anyway this is only a fraction of how angry i am at religious people so for the good of any religious people that come onto my page il shush... don't want to go breaking anyones inane delusions xD

They have been duped and believe a system based on greed. The one thing they "fight" against...The one thing that brought man into "their" sin...

"Worship me and do what I say with all your heart and you will be eternally rewarded when you die.
Disobey and you will suffer for an eternity."

as a real father

"Clean your room, do your chores and we will go fishing, don't do them and we don't go".
Neither of which, will cost you the "gift" of life.

What kind of ultimate gift is given,( life) with the promise of something even better, when you're done?

The greedy kind. The kind that controls.

We on the same page, bro. I am less angry at religious folk, as they would be even crazier without their faith.. Can you imagine?

I was raised catholic. I smelled bullshit at a very young age. God seemed scarier and almost as mean as the "devil". Just a mean old sonofabitch. As a father, if a populace killed my only son...you can believe I would fuck them up beyond ALL recognition. I would wipe them off the planet.

But I digress. I don't go looking for it anymore. It enrages me. I have a Christian friend who believes the earth is 6000 years old. Hardcore. Follows that Ken Ham fucker. Seriously?

We don't speak religion, as he says, "The bible is the proof". The bible is the claim. The proof? haha.

I guess we'll find out when we're dead. Before then, I intend to live life like a motherfucker. Take in everything...so at the end, I'm satisfied with what was accomplished.