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As long as you're on NG it's OK! :D If you can't beat the cycle by going backwards though, the only way is going to sleep even later, later, later, until you're back at a regular time. Might be hard to attempt if you don't have very flexible working hours though.

im very flexible i do fuck all haha
and thanks il give it a go
i dont seem to have much choice

Let me know if it goes! They say you can only change your sleeping habits effectively with a fifteen minute shift each day, but maybe that's only applicable if you try to go to sleep earlier. This'll be interesting..

i havent slept since the day before yesterday at six in the morning im going to try and stay up all day today and go to sleep at a normal time and hopefully that will even me out

All or nothing huh, well good luck! If that doesn't work, smaller steps should.

hasnt worked... still awake, havent slept since monday, its now wednesday, granted its only been wednesday for four hours
and i slept late on monday
last time i slept was 6 till three the day before the day before yesterday
god knows what im gonna do
im tired now but theres no point sleeping now my pattern will still be screwed and i will have achieved nothing from staying awake for two days straight :/
im gonna have to stay awake for another day
actually i fell asleep yesterday for about an hour

Crazy. They say a five minute power nap's worth two hours of regular sleep though, so if you want to get back in the habit, try to not take any naps. But two days.... that's pretty intense. Hope it works better tonight..

got to seven in the morning and just slept all day
a good 12 hours
but that means i cant sleep tonight
this is gonna be so much harder than i thought
i have music to make tonight anyway haha
im kind of bringing it on myself anyway
i was tired at about five in the morning but didnt want to come off newgrounds

Aw man, so close, and yet so far away! :P