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Posted by jambrother2 - September 16th, 2013

macs are fucking the most pointless piece of stupid ostentatious pretentious presumptuous over priced shit, used only by pathetic little cunts who think they're IT because their daddy is a lawyer and their mum is a prostitute to the stars and they got the first mobile phone when they were like 6 and i bet to fucking god it was an iPhone fuck you macintosh you fucking expensive piece of pointless shit only pricks who drink and read books at Starbucks just to look "cool" who's fucking bright idea was it to make a stupid piece of so called technology thats incapable of running a simple fucking game nothing apple made is reverse compatible and their updates make everything worse the world would genuinely be a better place without macs lets say around two grand for a aluminium coated shit i have had shits with more computing power than this bag of wank and windows 95 was better at running games than this stupid shitty expensive pointless unnecessary bag of absolute shitwank

i thought i would get used to using a mac and it was just the shock of getting used to the way it works.
basically on mac if its not a rip off of windows it doesn't work
dont you think your cool with your pretentious light up keys
mate you cant even run quake
fuck off
id love to put my fist through this bag of stupid wank
steve jobs should have been a fucking abortion and then the world would have been a better place
that speccy hippy looking shaved john Lennon look alike cunt
and the way apple think they are so unique and cutting edge, they basically take what other people do and make it shittier
has anybody tried gaming using an apple mouse
those old ball mice from the nineties were better than those stupid shiny shits
basically its so small it barely fits in your hand this rendering it impractical if not impossible to use and then THERE IS NO FUCKING BUTTONS so basically they have tried to make it look as "cool" as possible by making it a pointy looking piece of melted down metal that doesnt do its fuck job properly.
no buttons so middle mouse scrolly thing no fucking nothing
so if you left click it thinks your fucking right clicking if your right clicking it thinks your scrolling using its stupid fucking gesture things that are pointless shit and stupid so long story short playing a game (in my case, mine craft) is made utterly impossible because it fucking scrolls through the inventory every time i fucking move.
also when something breaks on a computer at least it has the decency to fucking tell you why
mac is just fucking in denial when it breaks no fucking error messages no explanation it just fucking crashes giving you no clue on how to fix it, which is basically just an excuse for pretentious arse whole mac users to go on their pathetic little forums and make smug comments to each other about how great it is having lawyers for parents and what books they read in starbucks this morning pretending it was a light read before the job they dont fucking have because they're all to busy fingering each others ego's because they have no real redeeming qualities.
seriously all these forums are is an excuse for mac users to think their great talking about how good their picture quality is and how mud "better" than pc's they are
you fucking pretentious fucks
i hate macs and i hate mac users and anybody with a fucking mangled retarded half of a spastic braincell should be able to tell that pc's are superior in every fucking

fuck you

Posted by jambrother2 - September 16th, 2013

fuck music fuck games fuck family fuck university fuck macbook fuck windows fuck guitar strings fuck ever-dissapearing plectrums and fuck life

Posted by jambrother2 - September 4th, 2013

i just wrote out the lyrics to one of my songs, but when i pressed update on the audio it didn't so i kinda wasted my time so I'm just gonna post them here so i didn't write them out for nothing
tell me you love me
"this song is about being betrayed by your friends hating the world and everything in it, killing yourself and then worrying about not getting into heaven
and i say melanoma beams

we're left behind and thats all we leave
just us and these plastered walls
we're out of site but not out of mind
just us with no cushioned falls
and obviously its to be expected were neanderthals
so here we are standing on the stage of life when curtain calls

so even if you know
if heaven holds your soul
is that where your gonna go
so even if you know

why the sun casts light
like it has a bright idea
melanoma beams
cuts into me
i know nothing of the sort
why it blackens our bodies
so here it comes to judge us all

and once again were let down as our own faction betrays us
and life's so sick but here we are again in a painful rut
they know their deeds and thats what frustrates me
they understand its potency
it tears me up cut after cut
this friendship is a fallacy

so even if you know
if heaven holds your soul
is that where your gonna go

i feel ethereal
i don't feel so good you see
and my skins so cold
is there something wrong with me
a white light I'm told
but only darkness surrounds me
so which way to go
if only it was up to me"

Posted by jambrother2 - August 22nd, 2013

is anybody there???
yeah i have a new track coming out as soon as i can get some vocals down
dont forget, look, listen, live
dont jaywalk ok, jaywalking's bad

Posted by jambrother2 - August 7th, 2013

maybe the reason why metal artists scream so much is because metal is so FUCKING HARD TO MAKE

Posted by jambrother2 - July 30th, 2013

check out my new song drawn blood, its an acceptable piece of sound.
i sing through a distortion pedal in one part
drop me a comment
or sign me
preferably sign me

Posted by jambrother2 - July 21st, 2013

just one of them days where a trillion little things annoy you
spent hours trying to write a song and got nothing but irritation

Posted by jambrother2 - July 13th, 2013

half four in the morning
time to sleep
lol no

Posted by jambrother2 - July 10th, 2013

i havent listen to music in weeks,
why is this?
atoms for peace, thom yorke, radiohead, this town needs guns, cloacal kiss orgy it is tonight then :D

Posted by jambrother2 - June 26th, 2013

i fucking did it!!!
i finally learned to play (part of) ingenue I'm currently recording it and will be uploading it asap, im playing it acoustically on a piano and im not screwing around this time its going to be perfect, (as close i can possibly get anyway)
so yeah, stick around for that