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2017 Submissions

Love As You Are Experimental Song
Acerb-False Experimental Song
Father Jones (dark ambient) Experimental Song
(No Vocals) Dahmer (Dark Ambient) Experimental Song
Dahmer (dark ambient) Experimental Song
Tapestry Ambient Song
Counting backwards from infinity Experimental Song
Wake Up Ambient Song
Who Are Me?(Drone) Experimental Song
Poll Dancer (Hedonist Mix) Experimental Song
how to cure depression without actually having to do anything (glitch) Experimental Song
TAIKO (GLITCH) Experimental Song
Poll Dancer (Glitch) Experimental Song
Comic Sans (IDM) Drum N Bass Song
It's in the journal Experimental Song
The moon has flesh (Dark ambient) Ambient Song
Self immolation is a good time Experimental Song
rip off Ambient Song
Close the damn door, can't you see that I'm knitting Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Aphex sibling Experimental Song
The day it all fell apart Ambient Song
I'm getting very tired Experimental Song
Dying Alone Ambient Song
A mothers love Experimental Song
Fun in the Sun Miscellaneous Song
A Good Life Ambient Song
The Welsh Sound Ambient Song
Sit Tight Ambient Song
not alright Experimental Song
anger Drum N Bass Song
Blue Experimental Song
odds and ends Techno Song
I get by Experimental Song
death trap Industrial Song
Breaking point Miscellaneous Song
Bits and bobs Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Another failure Miscellaneous Song
go fax yourself Miscellaneous Song
No Mercy Experimental Song
No Sleep Experimental Song
Sleep now forever Ambient Song
No God Experimental Song
No Hope Experimental Song
Saving Grace Experimental Song
Godspeed House Song
You thought wrong Industrial Song
From a dream Ambient Song
Toilet Humor Experimental Song
Always Experimental Song
I know nothing Ambient Song
upside down Ambient Song
Ive got nothing left Drum N Bass Song

2014 Submissions

monochrome morality Ambient Song
Contrast Miscellaneous Song
Transience Ambient Song
didgeridoo-one Miscellaneous Song
why i never finish what i star Miscellaneous Song
christopher hitchenary Drum N Bass Song
its over now Ambient Song
by any other name (IDM) Ambient Song
Another dead hero Ambient Song
a terrible idea Ambient Song
Two lost souls Ambient Song
the absence of time Ambient Song
batteries not encoded Drum N Bass Song
Sweetness Experimental Song
Ties that Bind Ambient Song
nowhere Experimental Song
did i lose? Experimental Song
when all else fails Experimental Song
paranoid android (demo) cover Grunge Song
does he look like a bitch? Dubstep Song
reflections Experimental Song
nocturnal Experimental Song
autonomous Experimental Song
Boss Fight Video Game Song
seven circles Experimental Song
8bitbleepshit ng loves it House Song
Mary had a little abortion Heavy Metal Song
typhoid Rothschild Drum N Bass Song
in a word General Rock Song
the pedestrian complex Experimental Song
achieve nothing (demo) Brit Pop Song
to dreams unsettled Heavy Metal Song
tag along Brit Pop Song
your own morality Indie Song
antithesis Experimental Song
the title box is too shor Experimental Song
nefarious Experimental Song
it must be done Grunge Song
in your eyes Experimental Song
take anything you want Grunge Song
every day is a failure Heavy Metal Song
mournful dream Ambient Song
city of angles Experimental Song
to your health (cover) Indie Song
its all about the profit Experimental Song
I have a new pet Heavy Metal Song
sulphur Drum N Bass Song
bane of mario Nerdcore Song
comprehend Pop Song
deathstep Dubstep Song
she's like fire Brit Pop Song
stay Heavy Metal Song
where is my mind Indie Song
army dreamers cover Jazz Song
time signature experiment Experimental Song
impractical joke Grunge Song
off topic Jazz Song
blind the all seeing eye Experimental Song
cool (i wish i was) Punk Song
classic reggae dub World Song
für elise-step Dubstep Song
golden brown (cover) Jazz Song
atoms for peace (thom yorke) Experimental Song
the eraser (thom yorke) Indie Song
don't kill me Experimental Song
i am a creative genius (no) Classic Rock Song
forever isn't long enough World Song
the fall out Indie Song
my head hurts but I'm ok Pop Song
cactus body slam Dubstep Song
no surprises (radiohead cover) Indie Song
sorry I'm not sorry Pop Song
please leave me alone Pop Song
waste Drum N Bass Song
dont you care? Dubstep Song
where is my mind cover Drum N Bass Song
cross-section of a broken hear Experimental Song
appliance Techno Song
dorsal (creepy) Experimental Song
opposable thumbs Drum N Bass Song
dont talk to me about walls Indie Song
one more time? Punk Song
this sweet silence Indie Song
Adolph Blaine Charles.... Drum N Bass Song
polyrhythm Experimental Song
Pelvis Resley and the lawsuit Drum N Bass Song
life and death Pop Song
lost sonnets Dubstep Song
drum and bass and ting Drum N Bass Song
a vacuum in essence of thought Punk Song
Disrupt Heavy Metal Song
no chance Grunge Song
we are one Drum N Bass Song
strike me down (demo) Indie Song
jam track Drum N Bass Song
be ... djentle Heavy Metal Song
djent riff Heavy Metal Song
drawn blood Indie Song
untitled Drum N Bass Song
all out of time Heavy Metal Song
cartoon song Miscellaneous Song
something against me demo Heavy Metal Song
reflex Heavy Metal Song
sad song Classical Song
happy song Miscellaneous Song
eyeballz Indie Song
my 1st newgrounds project Heavy Metal Song
metal demo Heavy Metal Song
metal drumming Heavy Metal Song
mad hatter (updated) Experimental Song
mad hatter Experimental Song
forever and always (demo) Indie Song
ingenue cover Indie Song
all alone Pop Song
like the back of my head Drum N Bass Song
territorial pissingscover Grunge Song
if you know General Rock Song
klopfgiest Experimental Song
recompense General Rock Song
prick (demo) Dubstep Song
how many tracks? Miscellaneous Song
the lmao disco song Funk Song
delusional Pop Song
still born demo Heavy Metal Song
brutal flower Heavy Metal Song
chorizo taste like corpse Heavy Metal Song
easy to please Grunge Song
school (not nirvana) -_- Grunge Song
seven four Grunge Song
reggie World Song
the heavy Drum N Bass Song
edens lament Hip Hop - Olskool Song
euphoric placidity Dance Song
thumb and face Drum N Bass Song
dynamic velocity Dubstep Song
how do you feel? Grunge Song
nothing but you Grunge Song
instro-mental Grunge Song
dont be proud thats a sin Grunge Song
severed ties Pop Song
the milton man Grunge Song
virtuosity is a virtue Dubstep Song
mamosa Grunge Song
depression is bliss General Rock Song
clouds are blue (mathrock) Heavy Metal Song
fading away (guitar pro) Grunge Song
this is a song, clearly Grunge Song
carcinogen girl Heavy Metal Song
animals are people too Grunge Song

2009 Submissions

maybe we can still be fri Indie Song
dumb Grunge Song