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METAL!!! (again)

2013-05-18 20:20:27 by jambrother2

qorking on my first metal song that will include harsh vocals aka screamo.
this could get interesting it will probably only be short iv started writing the song using a pianno roll on a synth bass on a laptop and have no idea of what im planning to do lyrically and structurally, but i think i might take a bit of influence from street art and anarchism for this one,
there is nothing like a common hatred to bring us all together
repeat after me
i am free
there we go theres three lines there and that was an accident
lyrics are easy
playing drums and bass for a metal-core song using a piano roll isn't
i have no idea how long this will take or how it will go
theres not much i can do at the minute a friend is borrowing my mbox so i cant record guitars for a while
all i know is that there is a couple of kickass hardcore riffs in it and all it is at the minute is a bassline
but if it goes well and gets a good review or two i might try and stick at it


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