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2013-05-16 00:41:54 by jambrother2

i dont want to sleep i can sleep when im dead
or at least during the day
when it suits me
im tired of having shit to do
i will worm my way up this social hierarchy
i think the wordsmith is the most pointless job their is
words change their meanings
a poem means as much as a shit smear on a wall
maybe it means something to the creator but to everybody else its just a piece of shit caked on a wall
i'm a poet myself i guess
im good at throwing shit at walls
i wish i could stay on topic for more than ten seconds
an enemy is just a misunderstood friend
Shakespeare said that you had to care for somebody enough to hate them
my girlfriend told me you can only hate the ones you love
so i guess more than anything, hate is a feeling of betrayal rather than just an angsty dislike for somebody
my eyes have been opened
i see the world what it is and people for who they are
i dont like what i see
but i know i could never go back up the rabbit hole
back to what i perceived as normality
i cant say i've ever felt hate
more of a constant feeling of numbness and indifference
i get angry sure but I'm never outside of the neutral or sitting on the fence
the way i see it is people should have the respects not pick teams but merely agree to disagree
this is my place to feel condescending as apposed to condescended
we only feel threatened by those better than us so why should we let anybody less than that appose us
because i am that person
i am the person that is better than no one
im bottom of the pile
and its a deck that never seems to get shuffled
i could never get accustomed to being at the bottom
this isn't like a bed with too many blankets you never find a comfy spot underneath it all where you can lay still and bare it
this is like sleeping at the bottom of an hour glass
every second the pressure multiplies
and as you are buried there are less ways out
more pressure less options more pressure less options
until you are trapped, motionless with the figurative weight of the world on your shoulders
i may have found a place to live and i might be able to crawl out of this pit of icy cold homeless hour glass hell
i dont have high hopes
i dont think i ever will again

its six in the morning time to still not sleep


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2013-05-18 14:07:29

I wonder if you'd still write creatively random stuff like this with regular sleeping habits?

jambrother2 responds:

i could do stuff like this all the time i only wrote it down because i was bored, i might keep doing it tho it feels good
sometimes i just feel like going a bit mental and speaking whatever comes to my mind, im just too lazy normally


2013-05-18 16:19:39

They actually advice us to write stuff like this in CW, just freewriting anything that comes to mind is a great way to get inspired.

jambrother2 responds:

yeah its just fun its like getting non existing hypothetical information of your chest haha