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5/14/13 by jambrother2

does anybody do screamo on new grounds?
or just generally anything with harsh vocals
link me if there is plssss :D
might be adding some screamy stuff relatively soon
had a jam with my bandmate today and realised I'm not too bad at it


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Already been mentioned, but: Wahnsinn.

Check out wahnsinn on newgrounds. Also There's a metric shit ton of fantastic metal out there. You just have to look around. It won't just show up on your doorstep. :)

5/18/13 jambrother2 responds:

yeah haha i know i started looking properly after this post and found quite a few and wahnsinns in my favourites now, now he was brilliant. like brilliant brilliant



Metal is gone
Hanneman is dead and there is no more models
God hates us all

5/14/13 jambrother2 responds:

everytime i find a musician i like they either die or turn shit
kurt cobain
layne staley
will shatter
sid vicious
syd barret
mitch lucker
there is nothing for me in this world >:(



I guess it was only a matter of time before metal takes the same rout as most other music

5/14/13 jambrother2 responds:

jesus dont say that ,metal is all i have left