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2013-05-09 19:46:29 by jambrother2

its easy enough trying to sound poetic, the true talent lies in the faces of those who have the ability to care or at least the ability to look like they care
its easy enough inventing reinventing and rereinventing yourself as you go through your life finding flaws and ironing them out, making yourself a person you can be proud of the honor lies in the people who are happy and content being assholes
its easy having a poetic mind, i for one think in riddles and baffle myself with my own minds complexity but when i try and communicate this madness i stutter and blank out am i the only one?
its easy enough losing everything you have when you realise you never had anything in the first place and that you havent lost anything at all
its easy enough complaining about your problems
try complaining about your life to somebody with cancer, only if you would feel comfortable doing that would you have the right to complain either that or your just an asshole
its easy enough using correct grammar i just dont care for it
its easy enough sleeping in a tent in a garage if you have a heater and a microwave
its easy enough posting reems and reems of text about everything and/or nothing because you havent slept in two days but still find it neccasary to deprive yourself of another night
its easy enough to grow your hair and strain your voice like cobain but who are you really?
its easy enough saying one thing to one person and then something else to another, why? to keep the peace? for the gossip? because your genuinly bipolar and want to be axis and ally at the same time? or is it because your a podgy aids clown?
its easy enough to write a completely irrelevent sentence amidst a hundred others
am i cool yet?
shall i go buy some large framed glasses without lenses? will i be cool then?
do you exist?
or is it just me i refuse to believe nobody else has thought this
are all musicians assholes?
or is it just me?
i wonder if this curse is real
there is something magic about my life
and no gandalf shit either
not good magic
and im not going to belittle myself to using the phrase black magic
my hands are covered with warts and i havent washed my hair in three months
am i grunge yet?
or am i just a tramp
im homeless you asshole
just because im homeless doesnt mean I'm an alcoholic meth addict with a beard that sleeps on the streets and begs for change
i am simply unloved and unwanted
its easy to care so why dont you?
its easy to download my music and make me feel good about myself
im going to die alone there is no doubt about it
not fully alone, just mostly
i will laugh at you all when im sat on my throne in hell
i had an inner body experience yesterrday morning
not sleeping is the greatest drug
for those of you still reading well done and thank you
for those of you who have just joined us get to the back of the line
tits or gtfo
no tits? thats ok we take ratings and reviews swell
i find that the most grungy grunge isnt grunge its hardcore punk
flipper skratch acid
its easy to go back to the old its easy motif
its not easy to think straight
not when your me
its easy to realise that throughout this whole post its been ages since i actualy used up a full line of text because cutting a line short is cool
go read macaulay culkins book its full of detached rantings like these
and read fight club too
neither of them make any sense
i wonder when this post will stop
i wonder if anybody will read this from start to finish
i wonder if anyone will read it at all
i wonder if in a day or a week or a years time i will see this post and delete it
i wonder how long i can not sleep for before going crazy
id love to write stop cleaning this, quit your job and folllow your dreams on a bathroom wall so when the cleaner has to remove they might reconsider their lives
i need to urinate but my chemical toilet is overflowing
almost first world problems
id love to go back to school and kill myself in front of the head teacher on the stage during assembly so everybody can see it
i would tell her that she lied to me and that grades mean nothing
you need experience for a job
you need a job for experience
you need experence for a job
you need a job for experience
you need experience for a job
when does it end?
and more importantly how would i start?
i heared there is no benefits in america
how the fuck do you guys do it
im entitled to benefits and im still sleeping in a fucking garage
life is so fair
were all losers in the eyes of a winner
you dont get anything in this world without being an asshole first
im homeless because i refused to let me girlfriend be homeless alone
the saddest part is
i was so happy when we were alowed to sleep in a garage
i was happy and grateful
i was greatful i had a garage as a shelter because nobody would let us sleep i a house in a bed
i slept in a car for one night
i tell people it was for longer
i like the sympathy
can you blame me?
without sympathy i would have nothing to fuel me
i have no hate
i have no love
i have no lack of emotion and no emotion
i am a machine
i make decisions based around my chances of survival
i have no enemies just bad friends
i have no friends either
just enemies
will this be endless?
i dont even know where i started or when i started
lets call this my dissertation of depression
justin beiber is the cobain of his generation
i hope that puts your life into perspective
why all the hate on nickel back?
i dont like the band but i don't see how their that bad
when i said i have no hate... i lied
axl rose and james hetfield can suck it
so can mike
and somebody else but i cant say who because my girlfriend wont wont me broadcasting her life
but you can all suck it i hope you get glucoma
i dont actualy know what that is but i hope its bad and i hope you get it
i wish i wanted to sleep after all this time maybe insomnia is my new life
thats bullshit to i could easily fall asleep if i wanted too but i don't
its twenty minutes to one
english people dont eat crumpets
very rarely
the tea thing however couldnt be more true
personaly i like coffee
i dont use spoons i just use slightly measured pours
about five tablespoons worth of coffee about 7 of sugar and then more milk than water
its sickly but it does what its supposed to
i wonder if im cool yet
i wonder if i post more of these lucid tired rantsil have more fans
more friends
suggestions then
what do you like
give me ideas
something i can cover and pass as my own
im kidding
a fucking hate covers
and i fucking hate instrumentles as far as rock music goes
by rock i mean rock and all subgenres
metal etc
the only instrumental band i can listen to is the redneck manifesto
i fucking hate titles
i dont know how to end this i dont know if i want to and i dont know if i am going to i have twenty five thousand nine hundred and twenty seven words to play with
go away redlines i dont care about spelling
you just see me as a threat
there i made a post
am i cool now?


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2013-05-09 19:50:39

Tats beautifur bro. *sniff*

jambrother2 responds:

your a fast reader aint ya :)


2013-05-10 03:06:06

You're cool bro.